​Lisa is an avid dog and animal lover and Afena's Spiritual Awakenings support all efforts to help and defend our companion animals. Our companion animals are a blessing from GOD to bring love, comfort and happiness into our lives.  We are the only ones they have to look over them and to protect them.  Any abuse of maltreatment of any animal is a crime and should be reported immediately to your local authorities.  Those who live in warm climates need to remember no dog or animal should ever be left alone in a hot car.  Let us all join in the fight against all animal abuse.

For those who are looking for a companion animal, shelter dogs and cats are truly a blessing.  A shelter dog is so easy to love and many of them need a loving home.  When looking for a dog always be sure to choose one that is compatible with your lifestyle, and remember having a dog is a big responsibility they are like children who you will always have to care for.  For those who cannot adopt you can still donate to your local animal shelters or organizations.  

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